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The NFL coming to a tweet near you

During last year’s NFL season, you might’ve noticed that Twitter offered live streams of Thursday night NFL games. For me, being a huge football fan, this was a great way to watch the game and interact with other Twitter users at the same time. It was a very fun and creative way for Twitter to centralize a huge portion of their users to this live stream, while creating a substantial amount of commentary between users. It was not just a one-off occurrence; Twitter is planning to offer 24/7 streaming for other media sources as well.

Twitter has a couple of ideas in mind on how to optimize their 24/7 streaming. Brands will be able to partner with Twitter to stream and expose their brands. Brands will be able to see a live reaction to their product while millions of users view the stream and interact with each other. This is essentially a real time test market, where millions of users give their real time opinions of the brand or product. Twitter will also be able to attract well-known brands because these brands will not be able to find this service with this much reach anywhere else. I would not be surprised if other social media platforms followed Twitter’s lead in terms of 24/7 streaming, there is a lot of money to be made in the field!

Twitter has also already announced that they are going to run a 24/7 sports streaming channel. This will change the way many sports fans watch their favorite teams. It’ll open the door for people to watch sporting events on Twitter who otherwise would not be able to afford cable television. Furthermore, if you are like me, you enjoy a little social interacting, maybe a little trash talking or the occasional high five while watching a sporting event. This can now be simulated through Twitter, but the amount of sports fans you can trash talk is almost limitless.

In this day and age, any form of media you could wish for is an arm’s reach away. Modern day cell phone users are constantly logged into social media, Netflix and many other streaming services. Twitter is in the process of making their platform into the ultimate source of media. Depending on how advanced Twitter becomes with their streaming service, Twitter users might not have to leave the platform to consume other media, like Netflix, because similar streaming services would be available on the app.

With this announcement, Twitter has created a new trend in brand awareness, and will increase its versatility when compared to other social media platforms.

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