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Words of advice to our incoming fall interns from Cameron High

Interning at Intrepid Marketing Group was many firsts for me. I’ve never had an internship before, and I’ve also never worked in a professional environment. Being an intern at Intrepid exceeded my expectations but also opened my eyes to what I should expect in the workforce after I graduate in the spring.

We’ve all heard of those nightmarish internships where your tasks are filling up the boss’ coffee or just running errands. Those experiences can be a waste of time, boring and pointless. Intrepid wasn’t like that at all, we worked on several projects whether we were just brainstorming or producing marketing strategies that the company actually used. Brainstorming social media posts, developing best social media practices and using Google AdWords are just a few of the things they asked us to do. My tasks were never the same, and I worked with a large amount of Intrepid’s clients. The supervisors gave constructive criticism on parts of my work that needed to be improved upon as well as positive feedback on things I did well. This type of feedback opened my eyes to what to expect before I actually dive into my career. Intrepid reaffirmed that marketing is an interesting career that I want to pursue while all the staff was kind and welcoming along the way.

If you’re like me and you aren’t sure what you really want to do after graduation, just know that it will be of great benefit to you if you’re considering an internship with Intrepid. It’s a bit of a scary thought to not know exactly what will happen after graduation – especially after all the money and time spent in college. But that’s the point of internships and why they are so beneficial for students. Expect to be asked for your creative input and to be versatile, but also expect to enjoy yourself while soaking up all the advice you’re given.

Farewell Intrepid,

Cameron High

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