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A farewell note from summer intern Max Feldman

Goodbyes are always awkward, but I'll try my best. After 60 days, two hours, and 10 minutes of interning at Intrepid Marketing Group, I can look back on my time here and see what a successful summer it's been! If I wanted to talk about all of the positive experiences that I’ve had at Intrepid, I would probably need about 20 pages, so instead I will spare you all and just focus on a couple things that have made my internship worthwhile.

The first thing that stood out to me when I first started this summer was how youthful the office is. There are a lot of recent college graduates working here and the veteran team members here at Intrepid are still probably more vibrant and youthful than myself. This makes for a fun and enthusiastic work environment. Since there are more people closer to my age, they know what I am experiencing, during one of my first internships, and they are always there to help. They have been through some of the same things that I am doing now and they are always there to offer helpful advice or to just joke around. This also leads to better connections with the people in the office. It makes it easier to talk to and relate to one another. I’ve become friends with everyone in the office and every day you can always hear people asking others about their day, their weekend, and their families. Having people to connect with has made this internship much more fun than I expected. It makes me want to do my best work so I don't let these new friends down, and I want to keep improving so that I can make their jobs easier as well!

The next thing that helped make this a valuable summer experience was that everyone didn't treat me like a kid. Of course, occasionally I’d have to go do classic intern tasks like build a chair or go pick up packages. However, what I didn't expect was that they would actually give me work that truly mattered. They eased me into the work but once everyone saw that I was just as capable as someone with more experience, they didn't hold back. During an internship I did in high school, I felt like they were just babysitting me. At Intrepid, the work got more challenging over time and has helped me grow and hone my skills. I can see that they are actually using my work and taking some of my advice. They also take me to important events and get me out of the office. This summer alone I got to go behind the scenes at the Rex Open and help out there, as well as attend a television interview with the president of the Mudcats baseball team. Both of these were valuable experiences that helped give me more insight into what actually goes on at a marketing company. I wasn't just some random kid who answered the phone this summer. They made me feel like a valuable and productive member of the Intrepid team.

I could go writing on and on about my summer here but unfortunately I have to go back to school. But before I go, I’ll leave a couple tips for the next batch of interns. First things first, learn how to answer and work a phone. This was probably my hardest project this summer (just kidding). Still today I answer the phone and I never remember what the person’s name is. I still have to ask a couple times before I remember to write it down – so write it down first!. You also might get caught off guard when someone on the other end says they are Mia Hamm. I'm sure a smarter intern will be able to figure it out on their first day, but you never know. Next, on a more serious note, I suggest always listening to everything that goes on in the office. You never know when someone will say something important or when they will drop a good bit of advice for you. Listening is invaluable and will help you learn a lot. Lastly, don't be afraid to ask for help! You don't know everything – and that’s okay – and everyone would much rather have you do a project correctly rather than fast. People appreciate being asked for help and it lets them know that you’re on the right track!

With all that being said, I just want to thank everyone at Intrepid for helping me and making me feel like a valuable member of the team. I had a great time and I learned a lot! Thanks to everyone in the office for a great summer experience!!!

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