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Words of Advice from Former Intern Claire Slepecki

The first day I began my internship at Intrepid Marketing Group, I was immediately put to task. No, not to go run errands or get coffee for the office, but to write a press release. Interning at Intrepid was a learning experience and was one I will never forget. What I gained most was real-world experience that I’ll be able to apply to in a future career. But, as with any new job, there were some hurdles that you might encounter and you’ll have to learn quickly on the job. But have no fear, I am here to help you as you embark on your internship at Intrepid. So young grasshoppers, continue reading below for advice I wish I knew coming in to intern at Intrepid Marketing Group.

  • Ask Questions: This is the number one rule to life but especially for life at Intrepid. Never be afraid to ask a question, or several hundred. Whenever I was confused about an assignment or didn’t know what direction to take, the Intrepid team was always willing to lend a helping hand.

  • Take your Work Seriously: Although you are an intern, you are actually contributing to the team. Even if you’re just working on a media list or press release, your work will actually help the company out. So double or even triple-check your work and take pride in it.

  • Show Drive: If you want to work on a specific project, let whoever your supervisor is know. I personally wanted to work more with Google AdWords and that’s what happened. The team at Intrepid want you to enjoy your experience and work on projects you’ll enjoy.

  • Answer the phone, correctly: This one is mainly a joke but really answer the phone correctly.

  • Enjoy Yourself: Last but not least, enjoy yourself and the experience you’re gaining. The entire team at Intrepid is amazing so just know you’re in good hands.

As I embark on my journey towards full-time employment, I will look back on my internship at Intrepid Marketing Group with fondness and, I’m truly grateful for the experience I gained.

Thank you for everything Intrepid Team,

Claire Slepecki

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