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Meet Our New Intern Kayla!

Nearing the end of the Fall 2017 Semester, the pressures to gain exposure to the business world fell upon me. As an economics major and double minor in computer science and entrepreneurship, the path to my future career seemed more ambiguous than ever. Therefore, the hunt to discover my future career began.

I struggled to find a field that would combine my passion for creativity and servitude with my love of math/analytics. But, at last, I discovered the field of marketing. In my Intro to Entrepreneurship class, I learned how marketing has the ability to shape a business and the culture around it. As I began to research more about marketing

, I realized it combines both creativity and intuition to serve people in the most sustainable way.

At this point, I discovered the Spring 2018 internship at Intrepid Marketing Group. Honestly, I was unsure of what I would be getting myself into. Based in Raleigh, Intrepid Marketing Group is a small, primarily sports marketing firm (with some non-profit clients as well). Coming from UNC, I am a HUGE sports fan and my knowledge of various sports has grown over the past couple of years. However, I am still pretty unfamiliar with the behind-the-scenes marketing of it all.

Initially, my two greatest concerns going into this internship include:

  1. Becoming the typical gopher (go-for) intern who doesn’t learn much

  2. Being in an isolated environment that doesn’t allow for questions

Thankfully, my concerns were put to rest once I finally started my internship. The staff is hardworking and patient when answering questions. They have been kindly teaching me different marketing technique each day I come in. As the semester continues, I hope to gain more exposure to the analytic side of marketing in addition to increasing my general knowledge in the field.

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