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Meet Our New Intern Alaina!

My name is Alaina Ruggery and I am a part of Intrepid Marketing Group’s newest intern class! I graduated in May from North Carolina State University with a BA in Communication and minor in Biology. Where did that bio minor come from you ask? Well, I actually started out at NC State as a biochemistry student until one summer while taking an elective communication class I decided I loved learning about how people communicate and how we are influenced by things! Halfway through my college career I decided to change my major and follow through with the passion I have for communication.

I’ve had three different internships prior to Intrepid Marketing Group and through those I have learned that I love all things public relations! Although all of my internships had a central theme of public relations and communication, they were also very different from each other. My first internship was with Patheon, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, at their corporate headquarters in RTP. I created press releases, fact sheets, global employee newsletters and many other internal/external communication documents! After interning at Patheon for almost a full year, I started my internship with Midtown Events in North Hills. At Midtown Events I was part of the event staff where I helped with planning prior to the event as well as day-of logistics and often interacted directly with vendors and clients. My most recent internship and probably the most similar to Intrepid Marketing Group was with French West Vaughan, an integrated marketing agency in Downtown Raleigh. This was my first time working with an agency and I found that I loved the feel of it. The fact that you have varying clients and tasks each day is something that intrigued me. I worked mostly on public relations tasks for the many different clients they had at FWV and gained experience with social media content creation and crafting media pitches.

Through my various internships I found that an agency setting was by far my favorite, which is why I wanted to intern with Intrepid Marketing Group. I am most excited to learn an abundance of new things with IMG such as digital advertising and PR in the sports industry! I can’t wait to expand my skills in this industry and I look forward to all that I will learn.

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