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Finally Philly!

The Philadelphia Eagles reached the top of the NFL mountain with the first Super Bowl win in organization history after a shootout with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Despite a largely entertaining game, Super Bowl viewership ratings were down once again this year with 103.4 million viewers on average. While television viewership saw a decline in this year’s NBC broadcast, the average streaming viewers grew to 2.6 million, a gain of 15% from last year’s overtime game.

While the game declined by nearly 7% in viewership, the halftime show performed by Justin Timberlake fell 9% from last year’s Lady Gaga performance. The performance was a mix of old and new with songs from throughout his career as well as a tribute to Minnesota native and music icon Prince.

In terms of advertising, companies were spending more than $5 million on average for a 30 second commercial spot. This year, advertisers focused more on entertaining viewers than it did with any political statements or taking a stand on social issues. Amazon was deemed the winner by USA Todays Ad-Meter with its ad for virtual assistant Alexa. The commercial boasted a star-studded cast as the fill-ins to replace Alexa who for unknown reasons, lost her voice. With cameos from Gordon Ramsey, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B, Sir Anthony Hopkins and even Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the humorous and entertaining commercial was a huge hit.

According to some, Tide was the one of the big winners of the game as well with Stranger Things actor David Barbour as they aimed to make every Super Bowl ad, look like a Tide Ad. Tide hosted a series of 4 ads totaling one minute and forty-five seconds in which they imitated some of the biggest staples in Super Bowl advertising, including Budweiser, Old Spice and more.

Rounding out to top of the list was a commercial from the NFL itself as they looked ahead to the touchdown celebrations to come. The commercial saw quarterback Eli Manning, fellow teammate Odell Beckham Jr, and some of their offensive linemen spoof the iconic dance scene from 1987 film “Dirty Dancing.”

While the overall viewership and ratings were down for the Super Bowl, the king of live TV still fell in the top 10 of most watched program in American TV history. With the live television landscape continuing to change due to cord cutting and online streaming, advertisers will continue to look for innovative and creative ways to engage with consumers.

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