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Meet Our New Intern Sarah!

Hi all! My name is Sarah Edwards, and I’m an agricultural business management major at North Carolina State University. I am excited to start my interning journey here at Intrepid Marketing Group. As an ag-business major, I am currently focusing on all of the aspects of a typical business degree, as well as learning about current agriculture and the future of feeding the world with an ever growing population. These two aspects together are a perfect fit for me as they are both things I am passionate about and hope to make a difference in.

When applying for internships this semester Intrepid caught my eye at a first glance. Intrepid intrigued me with the opportunity to learn and grow in more than just one way. I hope to expand my skills in the office setting and be able to contribute in a positive way. In previous internships, I have largely focused on communications and event planning. Through this internship, I hope to continue to expand my knowledge and find my niche in the business world!

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