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The New Consumers on The Block – Gen Z

At the moment, people born after 1995-2004 keep getting misidentified as Millennials (Gen Y) due to the ambiguity of the expansive technological advances occurring at the time. However, it has been established that those typically born after 1995-mid 2000s represent Gen Z, a generation that has been using technology and interacting with social media from a young age. Unlike Millennials, Gen Z grew up in a time when the perks of technology and services happened instantaneous. While this generation is credited with having a shorter-attention span than a gold fish, Gen Z embodies the mentality of a “We” generation and is constantly on the pursuit of individual freedom.

Due to the large amounts of information Gen Z gets exposed to daily, they have adapted an ability to skim through multitudes of information to find the thing they are looking for. This is a rallying call for businesses and marketers to be aware of how their ads are portraying. It is not enough to just have access to this generation (because let’s face it, everyone does), you have to really connect with them and their wants.

While tech advances are credited to shaping Millennials, social media is the main influencer of Gen Z. Due to being raised in the social media age, Gen Z is used to sharing their information on the web (especially if it means they get a personalized deal out of it). For marketers, this is an amazing opportunity for easily gathering more information about their future consumers. The catch, however, is that typical generic ads targeted for large groups of people will not work as well with this generation. They not only prefer personalized ads, they are more incline to royalty programs that provide discounts and specials tailored to their interests.

Gen Z is official hitting the professional labor market this year, and it is now up to business and marketers to figure out how to tailor ads to connect with this community focused, thrifty, minimalism-minded individuals with no sense of waiting.

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