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A Few Tips To Future Interns

As the last day of my internship ticks by, I cannot help but reflect on my time here at Intrepid Marketing Group. I remember walking in my first day feel fairly nervous, I kept wondering why I even decided to apply to this intern position. By looking at my resume, you would never expect a student studying Economics and Computer Science to pursue a marketing internship.

Although I originally felt of lower caliber compared to my fellow interns (who were all Senior Journalism majors), my mentor Joe Lowe’s (and the other staff here at Intrepid) patience, encouragement, and guidance propelled my understanding and skill of digital marketing to unbelievable heights! I witnessed the importance of trial and error in regards to optimizing the highest reach on social media. I learned how to take the overwhelming amount of data from Google AdWords and Facebook Analytics and condense it down to show the important details customers need to know. Lastly, I experienceD the importance of listening and observing my surroundings.

Perching at the front desk, I was able to listen and observe all the meetings and interaction the staff at Intrepid had with customers and each other. I watched how they worked as a team in regards to various clients. I noted their honesty with clients, and their perseverance to work together to put their best foot forward. Overall, I was amazed at their ability to work both individually and as a team on the day to day basis.

My tips for the upcoming interns consist of 3 things:

  1. Observe and Ask Questions (If you don’t ask questions you won’t maximize your experience)

  2. Be Creative (Don’t keep producing the same material over and over again! Think outside of the box, even if you think it is irrelevant)

  3. Figure out how to Transfer calls sooner rather than later ;) (for the rookies out there, before you put the phone back on the receiver, you’ll want to press transfer -> then the number to want to transfer to -> you put the phone on the receiver)

I hope you get the chance to see what an amazing company this is to work for. Lastly to the staff, thanks for making my time here great and informative!

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