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My Intrepid Experience

For the last few months, I have had the opportunity to work as an intern with Intrepid Marketing Group. This experience was my first job or internship in an office setting working in marketing or public relations. Outside of taking a couple classes at NC State centered around marketing or communication, I had no real world experience in the field. When I began this internship, I didn’t really know how much I would do each day or what I would be responsible for on a daily basis. I didn’t know if I would even like it from the start. But I knew I wanted to learn something new and more importantly to get the experience.

From the start, I was up front that I really wanted this internship to help me figure out what I liked and if marketing or public relations was for me. As a senior, I really wanted to learn more so I could use it not only as a platform to propel me into a career after graduation, but I wanted to try and find out what that career path might look like if it was in the marketing field. I also wanted to see how a marketing firm operated from the inside and everything they do to satisfy their clients and help them to be successful.

When it comes to my work experience, I definitely tried to be as helpful and available as I could, always willing to lend a hand were needed or do anything asked of me. Sometimes it meant spending the day researching new leads or media members around the country. Other days it was writing a blog post or media pitch. It was nice to be able to do different things throughout the internship and always trying to learn as I went, asking questions and taking any and all seriously.

Everything I learned in terms of writing media pitches or blog posts to researching new leads was an awesome experience, but I also learned a lot outside of those opportunities as well. By that I mean more of just the side effects of spending a lot of time researching. Through the research, I was able to turn up some new ways companies are marketing to a new target market or maybe a new ad campaign someone may be using. I also learned more about the Triangle region and how local news and changes local businesses impact the community.

My experience with Intrepid Marketing Group was fantastic thanks to the great staff they have in the office. While they are a small group of only 7 team members, they all are very welcoming and make working in the office enjoyable. Whether it’s chatting it up about what’s going on in college basketball or telling a story from the weekend there is lots of fun to be had in the office. That being said, they always know when to be professional and when work needs to get done. Being in the office with this staff has been a pleasure all spring.

One piece of advice I would give to future interns in order to get the most out of this internship would be to ask lots of questions and to always be willing to take on a new task or challenge. Like I said before, I always tried to lend a hand and do anything that was asked of me. When you finish something, always ask what else you can do. I think having the mindset to always be ready to help and learn will set you up well to get the most out of the internship. On top of that, ask questions. Everyone in the office is there to help you out with anything you need and is always willing to answer any questions you might have or give you feedback on something you may have completed the day before. I am very thankful for the opportunity that Intrepid Marketing Group gave me. Allowing me to come into a new environment, and essentially a new field of expertise, and helping me learn as much as I could over the last several months has been a great experience. I would definitely recommend this internship for other young professionals and students looking to learn and further their professional careers.

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