The Power of Augmented Reality Use in Super Bowl Commercials

Advertisements shown during the Super Bowl are some of the most pivotal advertisements for brands across America. Shown during the most watched event of the year, advertisements have to be fun and exciting for viewers. This year, Super Bowl advertisements have taken a turn in the way they catch attention from viewers. Because brands are at risk of the viewers being more engaged with their smart phones instead of what is going on with the television, augmented reality is beginning to become a very popular source of advertising. Augmented reality (AR) incorporates the physical world with the digital world, creating a stronger connection through experience.

There are many different ways to incorporate augmented reality into advertising. Starbucks, for example, allows customers to decorate their coffee cup with animated Christmas characters, creating more of an experience rather than a simple purchase. Ally Bank plans to launch an AR mobile game on February 4th. This "Ally Big Save” game allows users to choose a savings goal, and during commercial breaks, the app will show virtual money raining on the screen where they can collect points for a chance to win cash.

The interactive experience that augmented reality offers is a key in making the experience personal to the viewer. Many brands are planning to use this method in order to forge a more memorable experience. It also encourages an immediate and sensory-driven connection established between the brand and the viewer leading to an emotional reaction.

Since not all brands are choosing to adapt to this new marketing style, it has created a unique advantage to those who do choose to participate. Using AR is a great way to set brands apart from the norm by creating that memorable experience. Consumers are more likely to remember a brand that they have had physical interaction with rather than one that may just give them a giggle while sitting on the couch. Often times, consumers will come back repeatedly to play, which leads to exposure of the brand over and over again providing extremely cost-efficient advertising methods for companies.

With advertising becoming so much more complex, it is vitally important that marketing strategies grow as well. Super Bowl commercials specifically are in such high demand, being sold for over 5 million for just 30 seconds, it is pertinent for advertisers to stay on board with growth in the field and continuously create and implement new strategies to engage a larger group of people.

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