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Meet Jasmine Hall, Spring Intern

My name is Jasmine Hall, a senior at the illustrious NC Central University. Born and raised in Raleigh, NC. I pride myself in being very cultured, resilient, and determined.

I’m a self proclaimed chef, if I wasn’t pursuing a career in PR/Marketing I’d be in culinary school. I enjoy exploring my city and finding cool little coffee shops or lounges to study or hang with friends. I want to go into the field of PR and marketing. I’ve grown so interested in all the in’s and out’s, from past internships to within the classroom I’ve grown really passionate about my field and can't wait to consume more knowledge and experience. I told myself I never wanted to be the person who dreads going to work everyday and thats what makes internships like this even better because I’m doing something I truly enjoy that will help me achieve my career goals. I want to be a shark, a force of nature and in order to be the best you must learn from great mentors who have all the tools to shape you. Researching Intrepid, looking at its clients, I knew this was a company with all those tools to push me and grow me. From PR, marketing and social media, Intrepid tackles so many different services, cares about each client, and does great work. With that being said, I’m excited for this semester, soaking up as much as I can.

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