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Meet Our Interns - English Watson


My name is English Watson and I am a rising junior at UNC Chapel Hill pursuing degrees in Media and Journalism and History. I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to intern at Intrepid this summer. Last summer I was an intern at a small newspaper in my hometown. While I cherish the experience I had there, what I really garnered from that position was that I did not want to be a journalist. This realization led me to dive into the world of public relations, advertising, and social media marketing, and my interest flourished from there.

I was raised in Red Springs, North Carolina, a town of only 3,500 people, so I absolutely love being able to spend time in bigger cities like Raleigh and Chapel Hill. I was also raised a die-hard Carolina fan, so whenever the Tar Heels are playing you can bet that I’m either at the game or watching it from home. This past year, I have been working for the UNC Football team as a student office assistant. I have loved getting to be in the midst of all the exciting commotion that occurs in the office (especially on gameday) all the while assisting with social media and marketing efforts as I worked under the teams Creative Services Coordinator.

Intrepid stood out to me as I was searching for a summer internship because of its diverse array of clients. I knew that if I were granted the opportunity to work here, I would be able to broaden my understanding of various types of organizations. I have greatly enjoyed my time at Intrepid thus far and am very excited to continue expanding my skill set this summer!

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