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Intern Lexi Davidson


My name is Lexi Davidson and I am a rising junior at Duke where I am pursuing a degree in Sociology, a certificate in Markets and Management and I am a member of the Field Hockey team. I am from Boston, Massachusetts so attending school in the south was a welcome change to warm weather and sunshine.

I was drawn to Intrepid because of the hands-on learning that interns experience while working within a widely respecting marketing group. Additionally, I am specifically interested in the digital and PR side of sports marketing that Intrepid is constantly providing for clients across various markets and demographics. I am excited to expand upon what I learned while interning for Duke Athletics this spring and take it back to Durham this fall!

During my free time, I have been trying to improve my tennis and golf game as I like to stay active, but in a more casual setting. I also enjoy relaxing by the beach or on a boat with friends and family.

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