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Advertising in Today’s Technological Age: The Traditional Radio Continues to Be an Important Platfor

Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud, Pandora. With our ever-growing technological advancements within the music sharing industry, who even listens to the radio anymore? Is advertising on the radio an outdated waste of time and money for businesses?

Despite all of the new ways to listen to music, 90% of Americans still listen to the radio every week. For years now the radio has adapted to the constantly changing technological industry and hasn’t shown signs of slowing down anytime soon. In addition to the radio’s success in maintaining its listeners it has proven to act as an effective tool for advertisement. So, what is it that makes it worthwhile for marketing teams to commit to paying for advertising space on the radio instead of one of the new forms of technology?

What does the radio offer?

Advertisements on the radio are effective for several reason.

  1. The radio sells with immediacy. Research has found that the radio typically reaches consumers within two hours of their spending time. Feeding consumers information about their products while they’re on their way to the store has proven to increase their sales rates.

  2. By using the radio for your advertisements, you are able to avoid the advertising’s clutter. There are fewer advertisements given per hour on the radio than there are on TV, enabling your product to stand out to the consumer. Additionally news papers are typically filled with 2/3 ad copy to 1/3 editorial copy, so advertisements commonly get over looked within the clutter.

  3. The radio provides a targeted audience. Due to the wide variety of stations on the radio, you are able to identify the best station to advertise to your customer’s interests.

  4. The frequency at which ads appear on the radio is very effective in persuading consumers to purchase your product. Researchers have found that a consumer needs to be exposed to an ad at least three times before they even consciously recognize it.

  5. Radio is one of the most cost-effective platforms to advertise on.

What’s the message?

Using the radio to advertise is a still one of the most inexpensive, yet successful ways to market your business, even in today’s high-tech mobile society. Why try to fix something that isn’t broken? Businesses cannot overlook the power of the radio’s efficient and effective marketing capabilities.

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