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Meet Our Interns - Lauren Moore

Hey y’all!

My name is Lauren Moore and I was raised in Durham, NC. I am very appreciative of Intrepid for providing me the opportunity to gain experience in the marketing field as an intern during fall of 2019.

As an early graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel-Hill, I was struggling with where to go and what to do next. I graduated with a BS in Psychology, which provides entry into a lot of fields, but which one to choose? I didn’t know! As fate would have it, one of the last courses I took in my undergraduate career was an introduction to the field of public relations and advertising. My interest has been peaked ever since! Intrepid being a full service marketing firm, as well as being a smaller firm with about 11-20 employees, provides a unique chance to see all of the moving pieces that work together to implement successful marketing strategies and campaigns.

Being that this is my first time in a marketing setting, I’m super excited to learn as much information as I can and be involved in various projects Intrepid has for this fall semester!

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