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Meet the Interns: Backstreet’s Back

Hi, my name is Dylan Tafel and I decided to return to Intrepid Marketing Group for the spring semester. While working with Intrepid I gained more tools and knowledge than I could have ever asked for. I wasn’t simply an intern, I was trained and treated as another employee, an extension of the staff there. I learned that I went about my previous marketing venture in college all wrong. I thought that good content meant good marketing, and it does in some ways, but marketing is so much more extensive than that. It’s about hitting your target marketing from every which way, seven ways to Sunday. It’s about sculpting powerful messages, and calls to action, evoking action, getting people to buy, to make choices, and when they do finally buy your product or service, getting them to buy it again and again and again. Its targeting and retargeting. It’s sculpting brands images and placing them right in the forefront of your market’s minds. More importantly, it’s extends far beyond, having pretty picture, videos, a cool website and aesthetically pleasing social media (the millennial version of marketing). Here at Intrepid I learned about advertising through TV, Radio and subscription TV like Hulu or Disney+. I learned how to create and schedule effective social media campaigns that sculpt powerful brand images. I learned the ins and outs of Google Advertising through YouTube, Display and Search Networks. How to write an effective call-to-action. How to create reports that easily convey our effectiveness as a company to our clients and superiors.

Intrepid Marketing Group is providing me with valuable skills that I will continue to develop and use through the rest of my marketing career. One semester just simply wasn’t enough for me, so I think I’ll stick around for as long as I can.

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