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Meet the Interns: Grant Semke

Hi! My name is Grant Semke, and I am a rising Junior at Campbell University. I am a dual major studying Marketing and Sport Management. I was born and raised here in Raleigh, NC. I, actually, live just a few minutes away from the Intrepid office. I grew up an NC State fan with both of my parents being NC State graduates. I live in a sports-centered family that has commitment and loyalty to NC State Athletics with an emphasis on basketball and football there, as well as the Charlotte Hornets, Carolina Panthers, and the Carolina Hurricanes.

As I continue in my college career, I have learned the importance of gaining work experience through internships, especially within the business world. This will be my fourth internship since starting college, and I look forward to gaining more knowledge about marketing within the sports industry. I see Intrepid as a great opportunity to gain valuable experience that I can apply to a future career upon graduation. I’m excited to combine my love of sports with a career in business.

When I have free time, I enjoy working out and swimming laps because I am bad at running, and I swam competitively from age 7 to 17. I enjoy watching sports, if you can’t already tell, and eating at restaurants with friends. I like playing video games, occasionally, and I enjoy watching HULU and Netflix in a time with no live sports, like now. I’m a big fan of Key and Peele, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. I have two pets: a standard poodle named Butler and a ball python snake. Since quarantine began, I have enjoyed walking my dog at least once a day around my neighborhood.

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