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Fall Internship Reflection

Being an intern for the fall semester after graduating is something I never expected to happen. However, I didn’t foresee a global pandemic happening either. This past summer, I spent a lot of time networking with fellow Meredith College Alums and learned about the opportunity to be an intern at Intrepid. I was at a point where I knew that I wanted to work in some marketing agency and that any experience I could get in this field was vital. Looking at Intrepid’s clients and their past work, I could tell that this is the type of place I would love to work for someday. These past few months have affirmed my expectations of how great Intrepid would be.

My supervisors gave me a wide range of tasks and projects that offered me many new skills. I was able to work with programs like Google Analytics, reporting analytics from multiple different social platforms, using Meltwater to schedule social posts, using Wix to improve the website, and much more. I also expanded on my skills in Constant Contact, Canva, and writing social copy. These experiences allowed me to see tools like Google Ads and Wix in action! Learning about marketing software in college is excellent but working hands-on has taught me so much more. The feedback and guidance I received were definitely worth the hard work I put into it. There is no way to measure the growth and knowledge that I have gained.

This internship also taught me a lot about my likes and dislikes. My favorite thing to do was write E-blasts for Park West Village, letting customers know of ongoing deals and events. I especially enjoyed researching the tenants, organizing them, and using my creativity to design the email and write the copy. It may seem small and random, but it is something I wouldn’t have learned about myself without Intrepid. At the other end of the spectrum, I have gained immense respect for copywriters. I used to think that I would be successful in a social media type role, but I am not destined to be a social media copywriter.

Working with two fantastic Account Executives showed me that this is the type of role I would enjoy. Based on my past experiences and research, I expected that this would be the case, but I am grateful to have the validation. I loved that no two days looked the same, seeing how different clients require different strategies, and that account executives are able to see the big picture, while still helping with some of the little details along the way.

I am beyond thrilled to say that I have officially accepted an offer for a full-time position at another local agency. In January, I will be a Marketing Account Strategist, which includes doing many of the things I enjoyed at Intrepid. I earned this role in part because of the experiences I have had during this internship, and the skillset I gained. I am incredibly appreciative of Intrepid, Valerie, and Alyssa, and everything I have taken part in!

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