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Public Relations

A public relations plan is often as important as a business plan. Intrepid emphasizes media relations in a public relations plan because of the overall impact editorial coverage can have. The Intrepid plans are works in progress as we meet goals and add new ones. Execution of these plans from both mainstream and grassroots efforts are designed to keep our clients top of mind with the media.

“As an Assignment Editor I interact with many marketing and public relations professionals every day. Working with Intrepid Marketing  is always a pleasure. The team at Intrepid  have a realistic expectation of what my newsroom will cover and know the most efficient and effective way to pitch stories to us. They maintain a level of professionalism and integrity which allows me to trust that their clients are reliable news sources for my station’s viewers.” 

- Network Assignment Editor 

Intrepid Marketing Group provides full service public relations services including: 

Media Relations

  • Press Release and Media Advisory Drafting 

  • Consulting on Media and Grassroots Events

  • Coordinating Media Interviews and Media Tours

  • On-Site Visits from Media

  • Developing Editorial Calendars 

  • Media Training 

  • Charity and Community Promotions

Counsel & Strategy

  • Strategic Counsel 

  • Crisis Management

  • Sponsorship Management

  • Team Communication

  • Status Reports

  • Publicity Reports

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